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Getter – Big Mouth

Getter – Big Mouth

Well-known EDM artist Getter has been playing absolutely massive sets at every event he has performed at lately. He has a reputation of going hard during his performance and always end with a bang.

With his talent to produce heavy dubstep, he has released a new single called ‘Big Mouth‘. This hit track was included in his Diplo and Friends mix that left fans wondering what the mysterious song is called. Released by Shred Collective, ‘Big Mouth’ is finally out so be sure to spread the word!

‘Big Mouth’ is the type of track where you’ll end up head banging to the drops. It starts off slow, then the speed increases as its catchy tune progresses. The explosive beats are too addicting to not dance along to. It’s no wonder why the crowd will love it. The song also slows down in the middle which can give you a break from dancing. Afterwards, the track will continue to go all out and that’s how we know Getter is on the roll!

Take a listen to it down below.

Getter – Big Mouth

Aly Galito
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