iPhone X Made With Illegal Teen Overtime


iPhone X

Apple with the release of the iPhone X, has brought to life many new features we didnt think we needed, including Face ID, a feature that allows you to now sign in and use facial recognition to unlock your phone, a feature that has since been bypassed even after much talk that it would be difficult to bypass.

Apple has also introduced other popular features as well such as Animojis and even the new enhanced portrait mode which brought better studio quality lighting effects.

In all the excitement though and anticipation for the device, Apple had also recently discovered that it’s main supplier in Asia, Foxconn, had been allowing interns to work illegal overtime at one of it’s factories in a recent audit.

The students were working as a part of a 3 month stint and were found to be allowed to work 11 hour days routinely assembling the iPhone X even though they stated that their company policy doesn’t allow interns, who represent a “very small’’ percentage of its workforce, to work more than 40 hours a week on “program-related assignments.”

While Apple has found that the student time was voluntary, it shouldn’t have been permitted.