Marshmello Lands on Forbes 30 Under 30 2018


It’s been a big year for the masked producer¬†Marshmello. From earning Monstercat a platinum record with ‘Alone’, to pop hits ‘Silence’ and ‘Wolves’ and a massive tour, he has become ubiquitous. The latest achievement under his belt comes from Forbes: a spot on the 30 Under 30 list for the music industry. The magazine also officially revealed once and for all who is behind the mask.

The independent, anonymous DJ-producer may perform behind a white marshmallow mask, but he has still notched some 2 billion streams. Born Chris Comstock, Marshmello is one of the world’s highest-paid DJs thanks to more than 170 live shows in 12 months and a bigger take-home on music and merch than other DJs. –

It has always been a poorly kept secret that the man behind the mask was Chris Comstock or Dotcom, and Forbes previously dug deep into his identity when he was listed as the #8 Highest Paid DJ in 2018. Marshmello’s ‘Silence’ collaborator Khalid¬†also earned a spot the list for his own personal achievements.

Marshmello is a fairly polarizing figure to fans of EDM, some producers like deadmau5 openly oppose his style of music, and others welcome it for its easy listening. At the end of the day Marshmello just wants to make good music and make people happy, and that’s something that everyone should be able to get behind. His success only points to the fact that his plan is working and we are all…Marshmello.