New Proposed Club Mekka To Replace Pacha NYC


Mekka NYC

Pacha NYC Reborn Again… Maybe

After a ten year run, Pacha NYC closed its doors in January 2016. The club regularly sported high profile DJs on its lineups, making it one of the top clubs in New York. But 618 W 46th street has not had much luck since. The uncertain future of the iconic vacant building has seen a couple possible futures. The original proposal was for it to be replaced by ‘Club Freq‘ which failed and then morphed into the idea of Pacha become an art gallery that hosted “occasional acoustic events.” Well Mekka, the dream club suggested by Glenn Raymond, will include elements of both ideas for the infamous space that once one of NYC most famous nightclubs.

Although it sounds like everything has finally come down to a consnsus, conflicting ideas about a club that is “not just a club” still remain. Many outlets have reported Raymond to be a nightlife fanatic. He even describes himself as “a fan who wants the fans to have fun,” and claims to have “DJ’d and thrown parties” in the past. While this may seem like a positive sign to the dance community, Raymond’s vision for Mekka will disappoint those hoping for a rebirth of Pacha NYC.

According to Raymond and his lawyers, the venue space would only serve as a nightclub on Saturday nights. The building would also serve as an art gallery and a venue for acoustic performances, keeping the space utilized all seven days a week. This stands in stark contrast to the three days a week powerhouse nightclub that was the original Pacha NYC. But it appears that is exactly what Raymond has in mind, going so far as to say that Mekka is “not going to be a remake of what was there before.”

For many dance music enthusiasts who loved Pacha NYC, this may be a deal breaker. But then again this is also the third proposal in the last two years and there are no guarantees until the club opens.