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Giving Your Nudes to Facebook May Be The Safest Way to Protect Them From Spreading

Revenge porn is one trend taking over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram Рand definitely one we hope stays in 2017.

The act is a vicious, yet extremely popular occurrence that has sparked all over pornographic websites. It was even the topic of a Netflix documentary titled, “Revenge Porn“. Facebook, in alliance with Australian government agency e-Safety, is testing a new strategy that would allow users to upload their nude photographs to their messenger in order to tag the photo as a non-consensual, explicit media source.

If a Facebook user is feeling apprehensive after hitting “send” on that risque photo and feels the photo may end up in the wrong hands, they can protect themselves by filling out a form and uploading the photo to messenger. Once the photo has been uploaded, Facebook’s hashing system can recognize the photo without it being visible to the public. New¬†image-matching technology would then access and tag the image to prevent anyone from sharing it on their platforms.

The new method is being practiced in Australia, the U.S., the U.K. and Canada as a preventative tool in combating sextortion.

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