Pasquale Rotella Talks About Business And His Roots In New Interview


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Young & Restless owner Chris “Drama” Pfaff, who you may remember from the MTV series Rob and Big, recently interviewed Insomniac creator Pasquale Rotella on his YouTube web series Short Story Long. The one-hour long sit down covered many topics that any music lover would find interesting to learn about. Rotella dives into how he got his early start in the industry, his personal life, and the nitty-gritty work that goes into his event empire.

Drama and Rotella go into a long conversation about the business side of the event world and the fan culture that follows. He talks about how he started as a fan at the young age of 17, then evolved that passion into the empire that exists today. Rotella also talks about his family roots and how he followed the example his parents set for him. It’s nice to hear a stripped down version of someone who is held in such high esteem.

The Insomniac creator also talks a lot about the people who attend his events and how they are a space that allows attendees to be the truest form of themselves. In retrospect, behind all of the business, that is the end goal. Like any industry, there are up’s and down’s, but “it makes it a lot easier when you love it so much” Rotella states.

What is great about this interview is that Drama asks insightful questions that you normally wouldn’t expect to be asked. It really takes you into the brain of Pasquale and to be immersed in his life. You can watch the interview in full below!