[Premiere] Dan Farber – Time For Living (Wild Cards Remix)


Wild Cards

Dan Farber – Time For Living (Wild Cards Remix)

Israeli producer Dan Farber has come a long way from being an in-house producer for a hip-hop label. Earlier this month he dropped his latest track, ‘Time For Living‘, together with UK vocalist Boy Matthews to much critical acclaim. And now Canadian duo Wild Cards is taking that track and giving it the remix you didn’t know it needed. And if there’s one thing you know the duo is good at it’s taking a great track and giving it a killer remix. You might remember their hugely popular remixes of Gryfiin & Illenium‘s ‘Feel Good’ and Alan Walker‘s ‘Tired’.

And just like all of their previous remixes, they knock this one out of the park. The removal of the atmospheric synths allow the subtle piano chords to shine through. And when the chorus hits, the track picks up and releases into a smooth, melodic drop. Give this sweet remix a listen in the video below and be on the lookout for Dan Farber and Wild Cards’s next big release.

Dan Farber – Time For Living (Wild Cards Remix)