Pryda – Stay With Me



Eric Prydz Releases a New Single, ‘Stay With Me’, Under Pryda

Eric Prydz has been on fire this year with his releases, touring, and live shows. Prydz has released the long awaited single, ‘Stay With Me’, under Pryda. Just a week after releasing an EP under his other alias, Tonja Holma, he has surprised us with a dark and powerful single.

‘Stay With Me’ is a single that will make you want to stand up and dance. Pryda creates a unique and extraordinary progressive house/acid fusion with this single. The track itself is driving and will get your head nodding since the very first four beats. The track contains long buildups and a lot of tension which will make the drops even more powerful. The brass stabs on the drops and the industrial percussion one shots make the drop even bigger.

This can notably be one of his best tracks of 2017. Eric Prydz will continue to surprise us with his incredible music and unique shows. What can be in store for 2018?

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