Rezz Teases Two Tracks Including Virtual Self Remix


Space Mom Returns With A Gift For Us Earthlings

Rezz exploded onto the electronic music scene in 2015 and quickly became a crowd favorite. She began as a bedroom producer and was discovered by none other than Skrillex. After releasing her first EP Insurrection on the OWSLA label she quickly moved to Mau5trap and released two more EPs in 2016. With fan favorites like Purple Gusher under her belt, Rezz soon found herself on stage at some of the biggest festivals in the U.S. Putting on her trademark L.E.D. goggles and high energy performances earning her the endearing title of “Space Mom,” Rezz released her first full album, Mass Manipulation. And now the Canadian DJ and producer is teasing two new tracks in her Snapchat Story. One is a collaboration with dubstep producer Isqa. The other is a remix of a.i.ngel by Virtual Self a.k.a. Porter Robinson.

Rezz’s track with Isqa looks to be a hard hitting dubstep tune. With sounds like gunshots filling the empty space between massive whomps, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. The video labeled Psycho includes a date, December 12th. Assuming space mom isn’t trolling her followers, you can get this track in just under two weeks.

a.i.ngel (Rezz Edit). The track includes sounds obviously taken from the Virtual Self track with a classic Rezz feel. A substantial part of an edit completed within days of the Virtual Self EP getting dropped means two things: Rezz has an incredible work ethic, and she has probably been working with Porter behind the scenes. This could signal some form of collaboration between the two young producers. Both erupted onto the EDM scene at a young age to nearly immediate fame. They each have a unique sound that stretches the boundary of genre. Already established as powerhouse producers, who knows what will come next from Porter Robinson and Isabelle Rezazadeh. Check out the video from Rezz’s Snapchat below!