Rickyxsan – Insane


Rickyxsan – Insane

A favorite amongst trap fans, Rickyxsan just released his newest tune ‘Insane,’ and well, it lives up to its namesake.

Rickyxsan took the iconic line from Drake’s ‘Over’ and created a fresh banger around it. He isn’t the first producer to utilize this particular Drake line; graves and ASKA also released the popular track ‘Ther Are No Penguins in Alaska’ last year. While both tracks are high-energy, the producers put totally different spins on the sample.

The track begins innocently enough with a smooth panning intro, but quickly takes off after that. An intense, horn-heavy build-up featuring a maniacal laugh launches into a drop full of high-pitched shrill synths. Rickyxsan once again proves why he’s his tracks are staples in DJ sets.

With a heavy build-up and haunting vocal samples, Rickyxsan perfectly sets the mood for an intense drop, full of booming bass and high-pitched synth stabs. Pausing only for a second, the Los Angeles-based producer quickly brings back the heat with a chaotic and even filthier second drop. Producing a track perfect for festivals and concert halls, Rickyxsan is surely on his way to big things.

The up-and-coming producer unfortunately had a major setback a few months ago when he lost his hard drive containing all of his new material. However, he has now released three new tracks within the past month.

The release of ‘Insane’ just proves how Rickyxsan is committed to re-building and putting out new music once again. Best of luck to him as we’re all eagerly awaiting to hear what else he has in store!

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