Simon Patterson – Roll The Credits & EDC Set


Simon Patterson – Roll The Credits & EDC Set

Brace Brace Brace! Simon Patterson is one of the hottest properties in the Dance Music industry right now. From his spine tingling melodies to his driving basslines, his creative offerings have been on point more often than not. The British has been in high demand both for his producing and remixing skills. Simon has rolled out his latest ‘Roll The Credits‘ recently and it sounds bomb. Including positive initial reviews of the track, his EDC set was also a total success.

The set begins with a 140 bpm Psy-tech tune and slowly progresses towards a proper banging set with the use of brilliant psy elements. The set is stacked with Trance classics that fall within the range of 143-149 BPM. ‘Ninety Four‘ and ‘Whiplash‘ are two such uplifting tracks that make up this fabulous playlist. In a nutshell ‘Roll The Credits‘ is a set that never lost its zeal and bouncy nature. Listen to the set and the track below.

Simon Patterson – Roll The Credits

EDC Orlando Set