Skrillex’ Reddit Community is Voting on His Best Remix


Skrillex has quite the library of tunes at this point in 2017. He’s got albums, collaborations galore, and of course plenty of career-defining remixes. This weekend Skrillex’ fan community on Reddit, r/skrillex decided to ask one of the ultimate questions. What is his best remix?

The subreddit is currently hosting a poll¬†and a look at the choices reminds us all just how key remixes have been for Sonny’s career. Many fans were first introduced to the dubstep king by his remixes of “Cinema” or Avicii’s “Levels”. Yet there are so many more amazing remixes to choose from. Head on over and cast your vote, but first let us know your favorite remix.

At the time of this writing here are the top 5:


2Red Lips