Steve Angello – Act 3: Paradiso. Break Me Down & Dopamine


Steve Angello – Break Me Down & Dopamine

Steve Angello has gone in a different direction musically since his comeback this year. Breaking his silence with an album announcement, new documentary, and new record deal, he’s been firmly stamping his name onto the dance music scene of 2017. Now he’s back with a dark artistic persona that show us what the real Angello is all about. He’s been presenting his new style with a 3 part EP modeled after biblical references. After meditating at a church in his hometown of Stockholm, Angello has released a 3 part spiritual EP. With the release of Act 1: Genesis and Act 2: Inferno out of the way, Act 3: Paradiso enters the world with sounds begging for a listen.

The third EP has two tracks entitled ‘Break Me Down‘ and ‘Dopamine‘. ‘Break Me Down’ is strikingly different from any of the previous tracks because it exudes an upbeat house beat and hope filled vocals. By still holding onto elements of darkness, the track can be separated from mainstream progressive house songs. Dopamine brings everything into a comforting close with a ballad that showcases the crisp vocals of Barns Courtney. Piano intertwines through sections of intense synths and high melodic energy showing the past and present skills of Angello.

Steve Angello – Break Me Down

Steve Angello – ┬áDopamine (feat. Barns Courtney)