Watch Out Tinder and Bumble, Techno Dating is Here


Find Your Techno Love On The Web with Techno Dating

If you have ever used a dating website you have felt the struggle. You find a really cute girl or guy and swipe right. A few hours later you get a notification that the special individual you’ve been thinking about all day swiped right too. You start talking. And things seem like they could work. You ask about their music taste. They tell you they’re only into atonal Scandinavian death metal. And that’s the end of that. But if you’re a tech-head it might be time to praise your lucky stars. Check out Techno Dating to find that special someone who loves driving minimal production as much as you!

The idea behind the site seems pretty solid. Dating apps and websites have been on the rise recently. Apparently people want convenience when trying to find that “special someone.” And Techno Dating aims to capitalize on that trend. After completing a fairly simple registration process you are free to search for the love of your life. Like every other dating site there is a profile with pictures, personal descriptions and other info. But everyone on the site is a techno lover. And even though the web address is .UK, the platform has many more countries in its registry, including the United States.

There are a few places that electronic music lovers can try to pair up. Other sites likeĀ Tastebuds offer music based matches. Tastebuds even incorporatesĀ Spotify in order to pair people with similar music tastes. EDM DateĀ looked like it might gain some traction a few years ago, but the domain name is now up for sale. And while these services help facilitate ravers trying to find other ravers, none is as genre specific as Techno Dating.

So if you need a significant other in your life who would die for Techno, go check out the website. As of now the website doesn’t have a huge number of users. But the only way to grow the community is for you to go sign up and start looking for the love of your life.