Ultra Music Festival Facing Lawsuit Regarding ADA Rights


Americans With Disabilities (ADA) advocate and Paralympic athletic Juan Garlos Gill has filed a lawsuit against Miami’s biggest electronic event: Ultra Music Festival.

Gill adds to his recent history of pursuing legal action in support of ADA rights, as he also recently filed suit in the Florida Federal District Court alleging that the Winn-Dixie website is not ADA accessible. Gill is legally blind. This was the first legal action ever directed towards a website.

In his suit against Ultra Music Festival, Juan Garlos Gill alleges the same – that the festival’s website is not accommodating to certain disabilities. Gill is also accusing the festival itself to not be ADA compliant. Although the complaints are directed towards Ultra, it seems as if the legal action is in effort to change industry standards towards ADA accessibility.

Gill’s attorney, Scott Dinn released the following statement:

“All we’re asking [Ultra] to do is recognise [that] this is a very diverse population, to make all their offerings available to all people in that population. We think it’ll make it a better Ultra experience and, obviously, a better Miami.

“I think the biggest misperception of this law is that people don’t understand that it’s been law for 25 years,” Dinin said. “This same law is a civil rights law”. 

Ultra Music Festival has not commented on the story.