Voodoo Music & Arts Experience Review

Photo By Roger Ho

Voodoo Music and Arts Experience

There is something indescribable about Halloween time in New Orleans. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the culture, but it definitely has an impact on Voodoo Music and Arts Experience. I’ve attended Voodoo every year for the past 6 years and each year the festival is able to one-up itself. This year was no different. Stellar Production and Amazing performances all around led to a great Halloween weekend.


Voodoo brought the heat this year and the lineup was packed with variety and had something for everyone to enjoy. That being said, I’d like to share some of my favorite moments from the festival.

Photo By Jordan Hefler

1. Autograf delightfully surprises

Autograf was the surprise of the weekend for me. I’ve been a fan for a while, but I haven’t gotten the chance to check them out before now. I’m glad I finally got the chance cause it was a blast. It seemed like they were just three friends genuinely having the time of their lives and that quickly spread into the crowd. Be on the lookout for these guys cause they know how to throw down a fun set.


Photo By Charles Hackleman

2. RL Grime is the king of Halloween

RL Grime just kicked off his Nova Tour and all I have to say is wow. Easily the best set of Saturday if not the whole weekend. He kept the energy high for the entire hour he was on. The crowd certainly appreciated what he had to offer and he has converted me into a lifelong fan.


Photo By Jordan Hefler

3. Post Malone Steals The Show

Louis The Child had one of the best sets of the weekend but I noticed that the crowd had shrunk a sizeable amount before they went on. A little over halfway through the set I decided to go check out Post Malone’s set and it seemed like the entire festival was at that one stage. It wasn’t even the main stage, but he definitely performed like it was.


Photo By Charles Hackleman

4. Marian Hill

I was wandering the festival grounds taking in my surroundings and getting a feel for what each stage was offering when I heard the tremendous howl of a saxophone coming from the main stage. I quickly checked who was playing and proceeded to enjoy what Marian Hill had to offer. Silky smooth vocals from Samantha Gongol, crisp beats from Jeremy Lloyd and a saxophone playing, guitar strumming, dancing machine named Steve Davit gave the crowd one of the best performances of the weekend.


Photo By Roger Ho

5. Kendrick Lamar is the best at what he does

This year Voodoo boasted a lineup that included arguably the best rapper of his time, Kendrick Lamar. The rapper commanded the attention of the crowd for the entire duration of his set. He rapped along to the instrumentals of his songs without missing a beat or word for the entire 90 minutes he was up there.


Photo By Jordan Hefler

6. Morty, we’re at Voodoo!

Louis The Child seems to have mastered the art of having fun. That would be the only way to describe their set at Voodoo. While they didn’t have the crowd they deserved, they still gave a performance to remember, all the while dressed like Rick and Morty.

Other standout performances from the weekend include Illenium, LCD Soundsystem, Dillon Francis, SuperDuperKyle, TOKiMONSTA, Aminé, and Boombox Cartel. I could go on and on about these artists, but I’ll keep it short by saying you should see them if you’re given the chance.

The Atmosphere

The crowd at a festival can make or break it for some people and luckily the crowd for Voodoo is one of the better ones I’ve experienced throughout my exploration of music festivals. With Voodoo having such a diverse Lineup, you will encounter all types of music lovers scattered throughout the festival. The Le Plur stage and its patrons alone carry a unique feel from the rest of the festival as it houses all of the electronic music the festival has to offer.

Photo By Jordan Hefler

Voodoo also embraces the spirit of Halloween by setting up a haunted house in the middle of the festival grounds and having voodoo inspired art set up all around. One highlight was the Casa Modelo structure near the main stage, which had artists creating Day of the Dead paintings on the walls. All the while almost everyone is dressed up in costume throughout the weekend. The festival grounds are large and accommodating for the size of the festival. This coupled with perfect fall weather help create a relaxed, fun atmosphere for the festival. My one gripe would have to be the entrance. This year it seemed like the lines took forever for those who weren’t lucky enough to use the VIP entrance. Hopefully, this is fixed next year by the addition of another entrance or expansion of this one.

Photo By Jordan Hefler

Overall Experience

Voodoo Music & Arts Experience is the perfect festival for those who want to have a lot of fun, but also not be overwhelmed. At any point in time, you can just take a step back and relax or change it up and see someone performing with an entirely different vibe. Voodoo is growing, but it has managed to keep what makes it unique while doing so. Thank You for another great Voodoo Music & Arts Experience and for a memorable weekend! I look forward to what’s in store for next year!

Photo By Charles Hackleman