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Ørjan Nilsen ft. R-Lend – Without Kontakt

 Ørjan Nilsen ft. R-Lend – Without Kontakt

Ørjan Nilsen blossomed onto the music scene in 2006, though nobody would have seen his current stage name. Originally producing under the aliases DJ Governor and DJ SL, the Norwegian producer quickly gained steam. By 2011 he had several high profile singles out as Ørjan and finally released his debut album In My OpinionThis album and a few follow up singles including ‘Belter‘ with the infamous Armin van Buuren cemented Nilsen as a top name in trance. He even placed #32 on the DJ MAG Top 100 his first year placing in the top 100. He also received a nomination for Best Break-Through DJ that year. But Nilsen never let up, putting out his second album No Saint Out of Me in 2013 along with a number of singles throughout the years. And now his newest creation, ‘Without Kontakt‘ featuring R-Lend, is out on Armada Records.

The track begins serene and peaceful with a soft humming. As the vocal drops out, a synth driven buildup begins, creating more and more tension as a low kick comes in for support. The anxious energy of the track comes to a breaking point before dropping out for a brief moment of silence. Then the drop. The high synth pattern almost demands euphoria with the steady kick underneath creating an unmistakeable danceable beat. Although the vocal comes back and remains uninterpretable, it provides the track with a human element that makes the listener feel surrounded. And even though the words aren’t intelligible, the distorted vocals by R-Lend fit perfectly.

‘Without Kontakt’ is definitely the kind of song that will frequent the sets of your favorite Trance artists. Ørjan Nilsen newest release radiates love and togetherness. It embodies the soul of trance and allows the listener to be transported to place of pure bliss. Listen to ‘Without Kontakt’ below and check with EDMTunes for reviews on all the newest Armada releases.

Ørjan Nilsen ft R-Lend – Without Kontakt

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