YouTube & Ticketmaster Team Up To Make Buying Concert Tickets Easier


YouTube and Ticketmaster have announced a partnership that will make buying your next ticket for a concert or show, easier than ever.

Available now, YouTube and Ticketmaster have now added the ability to purchase concert tickets to artist’s upcoming shows via their YouTube videos description box, where it will display the user account’s nearest and upcoming show available based on the zip code associated with the account. Users also have the ability to look at dates further outside their zip code with this new feature.

While right now it’s limited to Ticketmaster events, when you click on the tickets listing under the YouTube video you will be automatically redirected to the artist’s Ticketmaster purchase page where you will be able to complete your transaction as such.

YouTube has said that they were trying to figure out a way to offer a ticketing experience for a while before finally deciding on this Ticketmaster integration and hints that this is just one of a few features focused on artist to fan connections that they are working on.

Expect YouTube to continue to roll out even more neat convenient add on’s in the future.