Alison Wonderland Assists with Epic LGBTQ Marriage Proposal


Alison Wonderland is an incredible example of strength and independence. Her prominent role as one of the few female producers in the electronic dance music industry is one that unfortunately results in her having to prove herself more than a regular DJ would; a regrettable circumstance that most female artists live. Aside from female empowerment,  the beloved musician recently used her influential position to assist with another important subject. The Australian singer assisted a woman with a proposal of a lifetime to her longtime girlfriend.

As of last week, on December 7, Australia had officially legalized gay marriage, resulting in an overwhelming amount of support for the LGBTQ community. Since the outstanding news was released, people from all around the world have gathered together to celebrate the 13-year legal battle that the country faced in order to achieve this victory Alison Wonderland was one of the individuals who couldn’t wait to share her joy and followed up with a move that made some serious noise.

In the midst of the action surrounding the development, Wonderland decided that she would ensure that her show in her hometown of Sydney was an event that would not be soon forgotten. She brought an adorable couple on stage for the audience to witness their happy proposal, and of course, she said yes! Taking it one step further, the talented producer gave them a well-deserved shout-out on her personal Twitter account and continued to show her love and support for the country’s long-awaited accomplishment.