Anjuna Fan Creates Playlist of Almost EVERY Anjunabeats Release


Anjunabeats Release

One of the most beautiful labels to ever bless the music scene is easily Anjunabeats. For those who don’t know, Anjunabeats is a British record label started by producers Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamäki in 2000. That year, Anjunabeats released its first 12″ record titled, “Volume One”. Soon after that, they were joined by Tony McGuinness to form Above & Beyond and the beautiful trio that they are today.

Since then, not only have they been pushing the trance and progressive boundaries for well over 10 years, but as a label, they’ve put out well over 1,000 releases from a bunch of successful and magical artists, including Mat Zo, Gabriel & Dresden, ilan Bluestone, Super8 & Tab, and of course, the wonderful Above & Beyond themselves.

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As one can imagine, with that amount of releases, it’s easy for some songs to get overlooked. Thankfully for all of us Anjuna fans, an amazing Reddit user on the /r/aboveandbeyond sub-reddit who goes by the username, /u/random_name216, put together a Spotify playlist with over 1,300 of the Anjunabeats releases! The user said that there were about 40 songs that they could not find, but with over 1,300 tracks, you have a playlist filled with some of the most heavenly songs ever released.

Give it a listen and prepare to be mesmerized below!