Apple Denies Reports That They Are Closing iTunes Music Store


Apple Itunes
Digital Music News recently reported that Apple was planning on phasing out the iTunes Music Store by 2019. The article states that the company has had these plans since 2016 and are slowly moving forward with them. DMN also states that the company plans on transitioning their user base into Apple Music accounts. The transition would include all downloaded and bought music being moved into the new account as well as playlists and other things tailor-made for each account. DNM writes “The phase-out strategy also includes a clever transition towards Apple Music, the company’s streaming platform, according to one source close to the transition.  According to details shared, the company would migrate a user’s iTunes download collection towards a brand-new Apple Music account.”

Apple has come out at responded to these claims by telling DNM that “no such plan exists” as well as telling 9to5Mac that it “Simply isn’t true.” With how the music industry is moving towards streaming, it certainly is plausible that the company will shift complete focus to streaming. Until any official statements are made this is only speculation.

Stay tuned for any other reports on Apple’s plans.