Avicii Releases Rhythm Based Video Game “Invector” on PlayStation 4


Avicii must be an avid player of video games because he has designed his very own game. He has collaborated with Hello There to create his game “Invector” for PlayStation 4. Looks like he has even more talent than we thought.

Some are comparing it to another game “Audiosurf”, but this game is different with its own gameplay and an all original soundtrack by of course Avicii. You can play the game solo or with up to 4 players. With its development announced during Paris Games Week, Avicii expressed he is happy that people will be able to experience his music in this new form. The game is being called a must play for “hardcore rhythm game fanatics”, but also very fun for the musicians fans who are just casually interested in games.  Player’s missions are based on the melodies, beats and vocals on each song. Check out a preview below.

On speaking of the new game Hello There said,

“Working closely with AVICII gave us access to his awesome music and his creative input regarding the overall experience of the game. This was extra valuable when we explored aspects of playing with friends, and in creating that feeling of partying at a concert with your closest mates.”