Bauuer Wants to Sue the FCC for Using “Harlem Shake” Parody in Video


The entire world is melting down over the end of net neutrality Title II Regulations over the internet, which were originally enacted in 2016. With so much emotionally charged misinformation out there concerning this topic and its ramifications, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai produced a corny video to explain that, in fact, the internet and our access to it will be unchanged without Title II regulations. Towards the end of the video he parodies Bauuer‘s “Harlem Shake” internet craze, which was actually popular back before the Title II regulations went into effect.

In response, Baauer proclaimed that he would get revenge for the use of his track. He told Billboard Dance he planned to take legal action for the use of his track in the video. However, Baauer might be disappointed to learn that the video most likely falls under copyright protections for parody or fair use. Ironically, Baauer himself actually produced “Harlem Shake” without clearing the memorable sample from artists Hector Delgado and Jayson Musson.