Deadmau5 Teases Orchestral Version of “Strobe”


Deadmau5‘ “Strobe” is one of the most iconic, if not THE most iconic, track in all of dance music. There is literally an entire subreddit dedicated to the masterpiece. Deadmau5 has returned to his career-making tune numerous times with remixes and even 20 minute edits, but this latest update is something else completely.

Deadmau5 has long desired to produce a movie score, and now he is demonstrating his abilities. On one of his recent Twitch streams, Joel previewed an orchestral version of “Strobe”. Who knows why he is producing this, but you can’t help imagining the next Christopher Nolan movie with this as its soundtrack. Unfortunately, we only get a small taste for now but hopefully we’ll see the end result of this exciting project.