Gareth Emery Releases “Crypto” Through His Cryptocurrency Platform


This month is all about bitcoin (more generally cryptocurrency). While you watch the prices skyrocket for the confusing currency, Gareth Emery is putting it to a new and exciting use. Today he is launching his Choon streaming service which is backed by cryptocurrency and represents a potential shift in the industry.

Through Choon, you stream a track and the artists are paid royalties in crypto-currency through a Smart Record Contract. The entire process is quite fascinating and you can read about it here. Beyond that, Gareth launched the new service by releasing a collaboration with longtime friend Ashley Wallbridge appropriately called “Crypto“. The track is a powerful trance epic that showcases the best of both artists.

The track is exclusively hosted on Choon, which unfortunately doesn’t allow us to embed the track below. However you can stream it in full at Choon and check out a preview below.