Instagram Is Launching Some Big Updates That You Need To Know About


Instagram is About to Rock Your Profile World – Big Changes are Coming!

We recently reported that Snapchat has announced a fresh new look that separates “social from media”. Instagram quickly took notice & jumped on the opportunity to launch groundbreaking new changes to their social media app’s profiles – you’re definitely going to want to read about this!

Many of the Internet-based photo-sharing company’s updates and changes have been centered around modifications relating to direct messaging, the camera, as well as the main feed. Today, the multibillion-dollar business has launched two drastic updates that will directly affect its user’s profile. This marks the most considerable development to the application since 2013!

Insta Profile

The minor update of the two effects the “archive” feature. The tool was programmed back in June and is indicated by a clock icon in the upper righthand corner of its user’s profile. The app’s users were head over heels as they were able to create a designated area for their photos that they weren’t quite ready to part with just yet, without still appearing on their profile.

Today’s modernization will allow the photos to automatically save to the archive feature – allowing only you to view & sort through the items. That’s right- users will no longer have to worry about having to physically save the “stories” to their personal camera roll – freeing up precious storage space and allowing the opportunity to create crucial throwbacks. Thursday’s posts have never been made so easy!

The largest update of the two is entitled “highlights”. The goal is to essentially choose any stories from its user’s archive so that they can be admired over & over again! This tool will not only allow you to pick & choose from your photos, but also from your beloved boomerangs.

To utilize this feature, users will see a circular icon above their profile allowing them to scroll through – the same as they do with their feed and stories. The highlight option will allow its users to combine up to 100 video clips and photos; not to mention, create designated “highlights” under specific category names.

The user’s profile is supposed to be designed around personal interests – Instagram just stepped up their game by creating a unique area guaranteed to match what makes them original. We look forward to utilizing the application to its fullest potential and can’t wait to see what other updates are around the corner.