Instagram’s Feed Now Offers “Recommended” Posts


Instagram's "Recommended" posts

Instagramers’ homepage feed is susceptible to “recommended” content. In early December, the social media platform rolled out testing for their “Recommended for You” section.

Now alive and breathing, this feature suggests 3-5 posts by mirroring photos/videos that have already been liked by accounts partakers voluntarily chose to follow. Previously, suggested subject matter could be accessed in “Explore” or “Following.”

The new capability doesn’t take effect until after you’ve viewed all of the organic posts in your feed. Although getting rid of “Recommended for you” isn’t an option, temporarily disabling it is. Just tap the three-dot menu above the post, and then press “Hide.”

IG hasn’t yet confirmed a date that the “Recommended for You” transformation will be complete on both iOS and Android.

Instagram's "Recommended" posts