iPhone X Forecasts Aren’t Looking Good For Apple


The iPhone X was supposed to be a HUGE game changer for Apple, with various brand new features which ranged from introducing Face ID, multiple lighting settings in portrait mode and even wireless charging, not to mention a brand spanking new design, consisting of the first OLED screen on an iPhone, and the removal of the home button altogether to allow for a almost full screen display, one would expect they hit it out of the park right?

Unfortunately, iPhone X forecasts are telling an entirely different story.

According to report from Bloomberg, what was supposed to be an initial order of 50 million units of the iPhone X for the first quarter of 2018 has now been reduced to 30 million, news that has even caused Apple stock to be driven down as well.

The presumed culprit for the lack of interest is looking to be the really high price point for the device and the feeling that consumers feel perhaps it is not as innovating enough as Apple suggests it to be.

Clear results won’t be certain at least late April but signs aren’t looking good for the tech giant.