Is an Adventure Club & Illenium Collaboration Coming?


Over the past 5 years, tracks by Adventure Club has been the definition of “feels”. Their interesting combination of dubstep and passionate vocals has defined their place in the industry. Lately, however, Illenium has been climbing the rafters for the title of “King of feels” and has built a strong fanbase around his signature sounds.

Similar to Adventure Club, Illenium knows exactly how to make you shed a tear with his passionate music. Now the big question is, what would happen if you put the sounds of Adventure Club and Illenium together for a very special collaboration? Their similar sounds would definitely make an interesting combination but from what it looks like, we may not have to wait too long before we see it become reality.

Adventure Club recently took to Twitter to hint at a possible collaboration with Illenium. We are not sure if it is just a proposal or a hint at a project well on its way. But either way, without a doubt, a collaboration between the two would not only bring all the “feels” but would very well also be a candidate for track of the year. Stay tuned as this potential masterpiece continues to unravel.