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Lookas Hosts Reddit AMA Ahead of Krewella Collaboration

Miami-based producer Lookas hosted a Reddit AMA (also known as “Ask Me Anything”) on the r/Monstercat subreddit to address numerous questions from fans. The AMA comes just ahead of the release of his new Lucid EP and ‘Alarm’, his newest collaboration with Krewella. Normally known for his heavy bass-driven music, this latest release with Monstercat is a step outside the box.

The biggest takeaways are below, but you can read the full AMA here.

1) Could you give some more information about the EP? We don’t really know anything besides that it’s called Lucid and Eclipse is on it.

“Of course. I started working on this ep last year. I wanted to take a new direction with my music. I originally planned to write an album but we will save that for a later date. Eclipse came from the roots of my song “Can’t Get Enough” and i was super stoked on how it came out. The 2nd song on the EP is with Krewella called Alarm (DROPPING TOMORROW [:) that was my first vocal record i produced! And the 3rd record on the EP you’ll hear about soon ! I also wanted to make the EP and audio and visual experience, so i wrote up a story line from listening to the songs back to back and created 3 music videos that all connect to tell one story.”

2) What is the message or feeling you want to get across to listeners with your tunes?

“I just want people to be able to escape the real world for a few minutes and not worry so much about whats going on. If a song makes me feel something when i produce it i hope someone might feel the same.”

3) Who or what would you say is your biggest influence in music?

“Max Martin.”

4) Which song are you most proud of and why?

“I’m most proud of this EP and the new music coming out this next year forsure. Its different styles that i’ve always wanted to make. I didnt want to only make bass heavy music my entire life so im glad i made the decision to step outside the box.”

5) a) Seems that you have own label “Loko Records”. Are you planning to expand it and release others artists music on there too?
b) How was it to work with Flo Rida? How did you meet up?
c) What do you listen to outside of electronic music? What is your favorite album of the year?

“a) Loko records was a label just for me to release music independently. I would eventually like to start a label one day and support artists that i believe in!
b) It was awesome he is a legend. He hit me up on AIM bruh.
c) I listen to a lot of different music. I love hip hop mostly. Favorite album of the year would probably be Post Malones Stoney”

One of the more unknown things about Lookas, which he posted in his introduction, is that he was “on pace to race F1, but decided after 9 years [he] wanted to make music”.

6) Would you care to explain more about that?

“My dad raced karts as a teenager and young adult in Brazil and raised me on racing. I started when i was 14 racing 60 cc karts down here in homestead (near Miami) and worked my way up winning national races in the US. The sport is very expensive and my family wasn’t willing to sell their house for me to get into formula class. Also Dan Wheldon was my teammate and he passed away in an accident so that was the point where i decided it wasn’t worth my life to continue! I still love the sport and occasionally hit up the indoor karting places and beat lap records lol”

From the looks of it, this new EP should be a visual treat to accompany the newer sounds Lookas is exploring with his music. There is no release date yet, but in the meantime you can listen to ‘Alarm’ here!

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