Mako – Breathe


Mako BreatheMako – Breathe

After almost exactly a year long hiatus on new music, Mako is back with another stunning track. Reminiscent of their breakout album Hourglass, ‘Breathe’ is a return to form for Alex Seaver. Previously in 2017, Logan Light penned a letter to fans indicating he was stepping away from the duo for the live performances but would not be leaving entirely. The press release on Mako’s website states Seaver is the “sole producer and songwriter and driving creative force” behind the new music from from the act. Though it has never been explicitly stated, it is clear the the next chapter of Mako will sadly not involve Logan Light.

Featuring Seaver’s sultry vocals and a more laid-back sound, ‘Breathe’ maintains some of the electronic feel we are used to with Mako. Combined with powerful lyrics, the musicality of the track builds throughout. “It’s ultimately something that’s powerful and moving, but it doesn’t come without a little bit of pain attached to it as well.” says Seaver. The result is something recognizable to fans of Mako, and easily imagined being performed live. The new direction Seaver wants to take the act is materializing, and you can catch the evolution on the ‘Breathe’ tour starting in January. Listen to ‘Breathe’ below: