Man Caught With $40 Million In Ecstasy Has Been Charged


A 23-year-old man from Canberra, Australia has been criminally charged for importing 356 kilograms of ecstasy. Tamim Jamaal Nozhat tried to import $40.5 million worth of Ecstasy in chlorine buckets and was caught in Sydney on December 5th. He was charged in the Australian court for “importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug”.

The import was stopped by the Australian Border Force, hidden under powdered chlorine; he was supposedly transferring enough MDMA to make 1.2 million pills. The police chief has mentioned that it was the most significant drug seizure he has seen in his career. Due to the possibility of him fleeing the country, Nozhat was denied bail.

Ecstasy can be manufactured anywhere but the finished pills or bulk powder to make it is transported all over the world. This is a large drug bust but could possibly be just a drop in the bucket compared to everything that is still out there being shipped around.