OH SNAP! Snapchat Announces A Fresh New Look That Separates “Social From Media”



Snapchat Announces A Fresh New Look That Separates “Social From Media”


Ever since Snapchat was debuted back in September 2011, its’ users have been either completely obsessed by its incredibly interactive features, or unimpressed by its overall purpose. Many other social media platforms have liberally borrowed their groundbreaking approach to instant messaging, most creating a more user-friendly and less confusing interface. Today, the multimedia mobile application and image messaging application has announced that major updates will begin rolling out very soon. Trust us, the modifications will be much more personal to your user experience and allow you to see the stories that you actually want to view!

After the multibillion-dollar company’s dire financial year, their team had to gather together and think of ways to make their business worth-while again. Hundred-of-thousands of Spectacles are still unsold, plummeting stock prices, major lack of user growth and staff layoffs have been the main reasons for their “downfall”.

The new upgrades will seem to look the same as they did before, but when the users take a closer look, they will be thrilled to see that the updates have been designed around their own personal interests. The tech-savvy application will instantly separate up-to-date videos, pictures, and messages sent by your actual friends from those delivered solely by social media brands. In the below demo clip, you will visually see how the new update will separate your personal friend list (left) from the truly addicting “Discover” section (right).

 “this will provide a better way for publishers to distribute and monetize their Stories, and a more personal way for friends to communicate and find the content they want to watch.” -Stated Evan Spiegel, FOUNDER OF SNAPCHAT

The changes will begin rolling out to a small section of users on iOS and Android this coming Friday. A wider global rollout will follow in the coming weeks. The updates will provide a simplified interface that focuses on the tailored interests of each user. Algorithms are the solution to the success of this new update. You’ll also have the option to play your friends’ posts one after the other, only this time around you’ll see a brief preview screen that gives you the option to skip over to the next friend in the sequence.

“The Snapchat solution is to rely on algorithms based on your interests — not on the interests of ‘friends’ — and to make sure media companies also profit from the content they produce for our Discover platform” -Spiegle wrote.

Spiegle gives slightly more insight into his and his team’s decision regarding the new updates in the above video. The new changes seem to be kicking things off in the right direction and we look forward to getting our hands on the new version. In the meantime, we’re pretty content with the application’s overall features but look forward to seeing how they can approve its user experience.