Hip Hop Duo Rae Sremmurd Wants to Make Techno



Swae Lee and Slim Jxmmi the two brothers that form the American hip hop duo Rae Sremmurd have really been making a name for themselves during the past couple of years. Recently, they reported that their brand might even be expanding to the techno scene. One can only wonder: will this be authentic or cringeworthy?

The duo was very recently featured on Noisey’s The People VS. Series. The interview is developed around putting artists face-to-face with their most difficult critics: the dier YouTube commentary. You would think that the brothers would have been more apprehensive when it came to truthfully answering some of the most invasive inquiries; but on the contrary, they were more than happy to tackle them!

A YouTube user quizzed the hip hop group about their hit track ‘Black Beatles‘ as to if there was a direct link between it and the legendary icons, The Beatles. Such a connection may have taken any other artist by surprise, but the two truly came together to give one of the greatest answers one could have hoped for. They explained that they never meant to make such a connection and hope that the rest of the world, as they do, see them as black rockstars of the new age. They continued by stating:

“We’re going to all genres, doing everything. Next we might do some techno, you never know.”

Check out the full interview below:

Although you may have noticed that their sense of humor was prominent, resulting in the fact that their statement may, in fact, be more of a gag, there really isn’t anything stopping them from branching out from their musical comfort zones and surprising their fans with a techno track, or perhaps even an entire album. Only the future will tell – would you like to see it happen?