Skrillex Serenades Ryan Hemsworth During Karaoke Session



Everyone always gets a kick out of karaoke nights and some of our favorite producers are not opposed to grabbing the mic. Ryan Hemsworth tweeted out a video of himself happily bobbing his head as Skrillex serenaded him at a hardcore bar in Shibuya.

Hemsworth is currently touring Asia and after his show at Daikanyama Unit in Tokyo, made good use of his time to wander around the city. Nightlife in a bustling city like Tokyo is not to be missed and joining Hemsworth on his adventures was Skrillex. Making their way to a hardcore bar, Hemsworth reminded everyone of Skrillex’s roots as vocalist for post-hardcore band From First to Last with his Twitter video.

Captioned “forced Skrillex to serenade me at a hardcore bar in shibuya. enjoy.” the video shows Skrillex not so reluctantly with a mic, not so reluctantly reliving the days before he moved into electronic music.