The Martin Brothers Upload DnB Yule Log Video

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The Martin Brothers' DnB Yule log

The Martin Brothers are inherently known for their tech/deep house instrumentals and Dirtybird Records‘ development, but every once in awhile they’ll throw us a drum and bass bone.

In 2015, their family tradition began. Every December, Justin and Christian Martin release a 45-60 minute Yule log YouTube video full of dad bods, secret Santa gift exchanges, spiked egg nog, fast breakbeats and holiday cheer.

“Tired of listening to the same 20 Christmas songs over and over and watching the same boring yule log year after year?” tweeted Justin Martin. “Spice things up this holiday season and enjoy the worlds only DRUM & BASS YULE LOG ft. THE MARTIN BROTHERS (vol.3)! #drumandbassyulelog.”

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