The World’s First Robotic DJ Fails To Impress In It’s Debut Performance


Image result for dj robot pragueMake some noise for your next big festival headliner, DJ KUKA! Well… maybe not. DJ KUKA is the world’s first robotic DJ and it looks like it came straight from the car shop. The robot made its debut performance earlier this week at Prague’s Karlovy Lazne Music Club and although many were excited to witness this new innovative project, dance music fans were not impressed by the robotic DJ.

During DJ KUKA’s performance, the robot played a handful of fan favorite tracks including Alan Walker’s ‘Faded’, J Balvin’s ‘Mi Gente’, and even Axwell Ingrosso’s ‘More Than You Know’. But even with all these popular tracks, fans expressed their dissatisfaction with KUKA’s performance.

One of the attendees of DJ KUKA’s performance stated, “It can’t feel what the people want to dance to. There is no emotion behind the music. When there is a real person, they know, what fun is like.”

Club owner, Adam Lipsansky, also mentioned, “People are excited (about the robot), because they haven’t seen anything like this around Europe, and I am not sure if there is something similar in the world.”

Technology is constantly improving and new innovations are arising in every industry. Many people are worried about robots and machines taking over human jobs in the near future. Being that we already have cars that drive themselves and even grocery stores that have no employees, why can’t we have robotic DJs? The realistic answer is that having a real life person select the music to be played and presenting their passion to their audience is simply irreplaceable. People enjoy witnessing true talent and although a robot may be able to mix a perfect set, the lack of human element eliminates the pure musical experience. You can check out a clip of DJ KUKA’s  performance below.