Tom Swoon Killed One Person While Driving Under The Influence


Dorian Tomasiak, or known by his alias Tom Swoon, is under polish custody for killing one person and injuring another while driving drunk. According to Polish sources, Dorian was driving with an alcohol level of 2.0.

The accident took place at five in the morning. The polish DJ and Producer was driving his VW Scirocco on the highway and as he switched lanes rear ended a VW Bora with high speed. The passenger of the VW Bora died even after resuscitation measures were taken. The driver of the car is currently in the hospital in an unknown condition.

Dorian Tomasiak could face a minimum of 2 years in jail and up to a maximum of 20. The DJ/Producer had just returned a day before from playing a show in India.

Pictures of the accident:

Victim's Car
Victim’s Car
Tom Swoon
Tom Swoon’s Car