Valentino Khan’s Just Made Sweet Remix Of The Kit Kat Jingle


Is there anything sweeter than reminiscing about your childhood? Here at EDMTunes, we believe that amplifying and remixing your younger years’ favorite tracks is the icing on top of pleasant memories as it allows you to relieve some of the best years of your life during the present day. Valentino Khan has recently sugar-coated the iconic Kit Kat jingle by¬†completely crafting the simple tune into a serious banger!

I know what you’re thinking: “give me a break”…but seriously, you’re going to want to hear this! The American producer is known for his classic jungle and deep sounds. This promo¬†incorporates his distinct melodies and goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations. We would even take it one step further and say that if you were to be in a club setting, you wouldn’t even know this song was made for a simple candy commercial. You would look at your friends, and smile wider than when you were eating a Kit Kat bar in your childhood as the track has some serious chart-topping potential if you didn’t know it’s real purpose.

The promo itself indicates that the tune is indeed created for Kit Kat as several candy wrappers and their distinct logo are clearly demonstrated. Now that we know that the ‘Deep Down Low‘ musician can transform a simple tune into an undeniable masterpiece, we look forward to seeing if he will collaborate with other companies in order to grace the world with other sweet tracks!