Vini Vici Forced to Cancel Remainder of Tour


Psy-trance duo Vini Vici was just on tour in Asia when they had to abruptly change plans. They have been forced to cancel the rest of their shows and fly home due to “unforeseen health issues”. They had a show planned at Colosseum in Jakarta this weekend and they will not be able to make that. In their statement it seems like they refer to themselves as “I” so it’s not clear if it is both of them who are having issues or just one.

This is not the first time a DJ has had to cancel when touring in a foreign country. Sometimes the change in climate and food/drink the consume can cause problems and even though they are there to perform, they are still people like the rest of us. Sometimes when you’re that sick, getting up to perform on a stage all night is just not possible. Let’s hope it’s not anything too serious. Check out their full statement below.