Calvin Harris Pens Cheeky Post About His Beard & Selling Out


Calvin Harris is one of the sadder stories of dance music. After reaching the pinnacle of dance music community, his glances turned towards super stardom. After 2015 he softened his music and then shifted so far away that he left dance music behind completely. His last album can only be described as pop music, and the EDM community scorned him for it.

Now it appears Calvin is having some regrets. In a cheeky Instagram post, Calvin seemingly uses his beard as a metaphor for what we would call “sell out pop music”. In essence he argues that he desperately wanted to be accepted into the Grammy pop world and be taken seriously be the people that don’t take EDM seriously. He abandoned dance music and managed to get a Producer of the Year nomination. Nevertheless, Calvin lost out in the end to Greg Kurstin.

It would appear that Calvin regrets selling out his real supporters to gain the approval of the cool kids that didn’t want to give him the time of day. Thankfully, Calvin is shedding his beard and hopefully his ho-hum pop music with it. This isn’t the first time Harris has expressed this perspective recently. He took to Twitter to announce a change in his sound in January. Perhaps Calvin Harris is finally ready to come home.

What do you think? Was he really being metaphorical here or was he literally just talking about a beard?