Claude VonStroke Drops A Wild Music Video For His New Single


It is rare that we get music videos in the dance world, aside from big names that have massive budgets. Well today, fans get a real treat. Dirtybird head honcho Claude VonStroke just released the eccentric music video for his new single featuring Bruno FurlanThe Book Is On The Table‘. The funky house track is on the Dirtybird Campout East Coast Compilation┬áthat recently released in anticipation of the label’s upcoming festival in a couple short weeks.┬áThe music video is a simple yet wild visual journey that takes you through what I can only assume is VonStroke’s backyard, flashing a light on some seriously vivacious characters.

It all begins with a wizard who has to pee really bad. While he sneaks off to take a leak, the wizard leaves his book of spells on a table with a seemingly drunk guy who then unlocks its power and attracts whimsical characters who react with every weird bone in their body. Camp counselors sporting the colors and attire from Dirtybird Campout dance, jump, and laugh amongst crazy grannies, mascots, and everything in between. The wizard doesn’t notice any of this chaos going on behind him until he finally finishes his business.

Don’t believe me? Watch and see for yourself. ‘The Book is on the Table’ music video is out now.