Dillon Francis Drops 1st Single “Ven” Off New Album


Dillon Francis – Ven (ft. Arcangel & Quimico Ultra Mega)

Dillon Francis┬áhas been awfully quiet over the past few months, clearing his social media and being notoriously silent on Snapchat. Now we are finally seeing the fruit of his labor, as he reveals the first single from his next album. He’s no beginner when it comes to creating sexy island inspired tracks. His remixes are unmatched and his most recent collaboration with reggaeton powerhouses Arcangel and Quimico Ultra Mega is not playing around. The track ‘Ven‘ combines the best of both worlds, Moombahton and Latin American hip hop.

Dillon stated in his most recent Instagram post that his biggest focus is to produce Moombahton records, and ‘Ven’ was a project inspired by his experiences in New York, Miami, Dominican Republic, and Mexico City. Arcangel has been creating hit reggaeton music in the Latin American culture since 2004, and his smooth vocals merge satisfyingly well with Quimico Ultra Mega’s rapping in this two step pulse track.

Dillon teases much more music is to come and this being the first track released on his new album, we are more than eager to hear what he’s been working on next. Check out ‘Ven’ below.

Dillon Francis – Ven (ft. Arcangel & Quimico Ultra Mega)