Divine Species Presents Sonic Cocktails 042 With Grensta


Grensta Sonic Cocktails 042

Grensta’s Mix Is Minimal and Tech House Bliss

Divine Species “is a collective of like-minded individuals aimed at enhancing life through the outlet of creativity”. The California based collective is quickly making a name for themselves in the house and techno scene. Resident DJs DecoySlothyGibsun, and DarcSounds work with artists Tika Moini and Martin Leyhe to create a place for expression. As part of their project Divine Species hosts a mix session supporting more underground DJs. And Grensta is taking over the 42nd edition of Sonic Cocktails.

Grensta takes the listener through an hour of minimal and tech house relaxation. The mix starts Demuja‘s ‘Move,’ a smooth blissful tune that encourages movement “so you can grow”. As the mix progresses the tracks get deeper and more techy. Lucati‘s recently released ‘Whistling Duck‘ appears near the end. So does an impressive Ash O’Connor bootleg of Route 94‘s ‘House and Pressure‘. There are also a few tunes courtesy of Grensta himself. Double Take and his remix of Boom Baps by Codes are definitely two highlights of the mix.

You can listen to Sonic Cocktails 042 mixed by Grensta in the audio player below. Go check out the Divine Species SoundCloud to learn more about them. Find other mixes and tracks or get in touch with the collective. If you want to work with Divine Species just shoot them a message! According to their info, they are always working to provide “a platform for all artists to unite and create”. And they officially and “humbly invite you to help us make magic happen”.