Drezo – ‘Night’



Drezo – ‘Night’

Las Vegas-born music producer, Drezo, known for hot tracks such as ‘Heaven‘, ‘Dead‘, ‘Guap‘ and ‘Real‘, has continuously proven why he belongs in the electronic dance music world with his signature bass and deep house sounds. Recently, the American DJ has slightly stepped out of his comfort zone dabbling into a slower tempo track entitled ‘Night‘.

His army of dedicated fans has completely fallen for this fresh tune. The feedback has been nothing but positive as his followers have expressed their undeniable support and admirable for the piece as well as for the artist. The bass-heavy track incorporates a darker vibe than what his fans are used to; however, it seems as though the new rhythm is welcomed by most.

As the positivity continues to flow through his social media channels, the talented DJ has offered his own thanks and appreciation as he has announced that a free download will be available via Spotify/Apple Music next week. What’s better than a free download? Acquiring a sick new track! Enjoy.