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Electric Forest Creates Powerpoint to Convince Young Fan’s Parents to Allow His Attendance

Sometimes, the struggle of being young and trying to convince your parents to go to festivals and parties can be so real. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. But just imagine how much more convincing you could be if you had the help of the festival or party itself to back you up. Crazy, right?

Apparently not. When hopeful festival attendee, Brendan Kaplan, decided he wanted to go to Electric Forest 2018, he didn’t just try to talk his parents into letting him go, he took it to the next level and crafted a full-out PowerPoint presentation.

However, when Electric Forest HQ heard of Brendan’s struggle, they decided to help him get to the Forest in any way they could. With the tight-knit community behind the Festival, Electric Forest decided to ask their “Forest Family” for some help to get Brendan to the festival.

After Brenden’s mom replied on Twitter saying she was still unsure, the festival took it one step further by generously offering Brendan a FREE GA Wristband. Even more, they created an upgraded PowerPoint presentation of their own, showcasing the diverse musical, artistic, and learning experiences that the Forest Family experiences every year.

Electric forest powerpoint 1

Electric forest powerpoint 2

Electric forest powerpoint 3

Electric forest powerpoint 4

Electric forest powerpoint 5

Electric forest powerpoint 6

Electric forest powerpoint 7

Electric forest powerpoint 8

The Electric Forest community quickly rallied behind Brendan, sharing their thoughts, experiences, and personal stories. They even spoke about how attending this unique festival changed their lives for the better. Within minutes, Brendan’s mom was convinced and now Brendan can get excited for an amazing experience this summer.

How cute. Stories like these warm our hearts and remind us how wonderful the community can be.

If you want to join Brendan in the Forest this year, you can grab your tickets here! 
Elisa Tibollo
Twenty-four year old teacher based in Toronto, Canada. Lover of all things Above & Beyond, Flume, Eric Prydz, deadmau5, and Pink Floyd related.
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