[Interview] Sander van Doorn Discusses Purple Haze, New Music, & Upcoming Shows


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Sander van Doorn certainly treated his fans to an amazing 2017, diving back into the darker side of trance through his alias Purple Haze. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions, and discussed new music, motivations, and upcoming shows.

1. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions. First, we’ve been tracking the development of your alias Purple Haze since you first wowed fans at Ultra Miami, what made you decide to take a dive into the darker side of Trance? 

No problem at all, thanks for having me! I decided to dive in – or actually back – to trance when I was in my studio and trying out different things and I was feeling like I just needed to explore a different and darker sound. That way, with Purple Haze, I could release music that didn’t fit my SvD image. Purple Haze exists for 12 years already, it has been quiet, but I needed to go back into exploring that Purple Haze side again and in no time, I had 13 tracks ready. Because of that I just wanted to go back on the road for shows which was completely new to Purple Haze.

 2. The third album of your career, the first under your new alias, was released this past October. Can you give us some insight into the motivation you had to release the Purple Haze album SPECTRVM only seven months after debuting the alias live?

I think my motivation lies in the fact that, because it had been a while since I made my Purple Haze sound, I had so much to express on that side. I just got in such a nice flow that the songs kept coming and once I had enough I just felt like, why not bring out an album.


3. You recently released a semi-acoustic rework of Light Me Up, one of the best tracks on the album. How important was this track’s influence on the album and what were your motivations to release a rework?

This track is really important, because it touches on a different level. I really noticed during my shows that it was a favorite of the audience as well. I wanted to give it something that would make the track extra special and that’s why I chose to give it a semi acoustic mix.

 4. You had an incredibly busy 2017, but that didn’t hold you back from releasing new music under SvD, such as the incredible tune Mant Array. How do you find time to balance the pressure to produce music under SvD and Purple Haze? 

For me this is just a natural process. I go into the studio with no clue of what I want to create. That’s the interesting part of it, one time I can come out of the studio with a SvD track and the other time I come out with a Purple Haze track. It does depend of how I feel going into the studio, but I never know upfront what direction I want to go into with a new track.

 5. Under Purple Haze you’ve released some truly unique Trance Music. How excited are you to be playing at a State of Trance Utrecht in February and showcasing the darker side of your music along some of the world’s best Trance artists? 

I’m extremely excited! I’ve played at ASOT NL many times before in the past, so to be playing there again honestly feels like coming home. Really excited about my show I want to play.

 6. We don’t want to get too greedy following the extensive time you put into SPECTRVM, but do you have any big upcoming plans for 2018 that you can give us some insight into, either under Purple Haze or SvD? Perhaps some unique shows or music coming out?

For both Purple Haze and SvD there’s many exciting things coming up. In February, I will be releasing a new Sander van Doorn track, a track I’ve been working on for quite some time, one I’m really proud of. Furthermore, I’m in full swing in the studio and have a lot of new Purple Haze tracks coming up for you. Stay tuned!!