Jennifer Lopez Sings New Song Produced by Skrillex


Ask your average Skrillex fan what they want from Sonny Moore, and it’s more new original music. While it’s true that Skrillex has not put out many singles recently, he has been all over the map musically. He has been singing for his band From First to Last and he has been producing music for a wide range of artists. From Camila Cabello to Justin Bieber and Incubus, there is nobody that hasn’t shared some studio time with the EDM legend.

Now finally his most random collaboration is seeing the light of day. Way back in March we saw Skrillex in the studio with Jennifer Lopez. At a concert this past weekend, Jennifer performed the new song for the first time after a shoutout to the producer. The track sounds like a Latin riff on his “Would You Ever” collaboration with  Poo Bear. Take a listen to the new untitled song and “Would You Ever” below.