Marshmello Broke His Arm Snowboarding But Still Makes It Look Fashionable 


Today we truly do have some breaking news to share with you. The American music producer, Marshmello, known for sporting his distinctive sugar-based confection of a helmet, has added another accessory to his look: a black sling.

While snowboarding in Park City, Utah, the ‘Wolves‘ DJ seems to have broken his arm while snowboarding. Taking to his social media channels, the young artist confirmed the fact that the winter sport comes with some dangers, hinting at the obvious pain that he is feeling due to his accident.

Go snowboarding they said…it will be fun they said ?

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One would think that a “Marshmello” would recover quickly due to its squishy form, but only time will tell how quickly that he will heal. One thing is for certain, due to the cold weather, he definitely didn’t melt and kept his signature form.

Props to the musician for keeping his smile, despite the circumstances; but we all know that it’s permanently there to stay…