NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis’s Newest Official Video Takes You to ‘Another Dimension’


Psychedelic Video Takes Viewers On A Trip

After teaming up for the festival hit ‘Need You‘ in 2016, Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE joined forces again for ‘Another Dimension.’ Released on Mad Decent on December 1st 2017, ‘Another Dimension’ is looking to be an even bigger hit than its predecessor. ‘Need You’ currently has 5.3 million YouTube views on the official video from a year ago. Between the Proximity and Mad Decent channels the newest collaboration has gained a million views in a month. The official music video for ‘Another Dimension’ has now premiered on YouTube.

The song’s vocal sample talks about taking “the brain to another dimension”. This psychedelic animated video does exactly that. Two caricatures of NGHTMRE and Francis begin the video in a virtual reality room. They ingest a substance that looks like a pill and travel into trippy world.

“In the video, the dynamic duo enter a virtual reality world on a vivid psychedelic trip, literally losing their minds (and their bodies, sometimes) as they go on otherworldly adventures, including exploring the Egyptian pyramidsand starring in their own version of Super Mario. The “Another Dimension” video is sure to expand your psyche and elevate your senses.”

Check out the official music video below. It’s one you’ll want to watch more than once. Tell us what you think about ‘Another Dimension’ and the new visual project to accompany it. We’ll be looking out for more Dillon Francis and NGHTMRE collaborations to come!